USS Midway Aircraft

The USS Midway aircraft carrier museum

is located in San Diego, CA. Our tour of its aircraft begins on the hangar deck with the SNJ-5 Trainer(91091).

T-2 Buckeye (156697) Trainer

A-4F (154977), VA-23 Squadron, off the USS Oriskany

C-1A Trader (146036)

S-3B Viking (159766), Squadron VS-41

E-2C Hawkeye (161227)

F9F-5 Panther (141136), Squadron VF-781

F-8K Crusader (147030), Squadron VF-111

This Phantom is painted differently on each side. It is an F-4B (153030) in the markings of Squadron VF-21, from the USS Midway.

The other side of the aircraft is in Squadron VF-161 markings, also from the USS Midway.

Here is another F-4S Phantom (153880) that is painted differently on each side. The top photo shows Squadron VF-142 markings, from the USS Coral Sea.

In the bottom photo the Phantom is shown in Squadron VF-51 markings, also from the USS Coral Sea.

A-6E Intruder (151782)

A-7B Corsair II (154370), Squadron VA-97, from the USS Constellation

RA-5C Vigilante (156641), Squadron RVAH-7, from the USS Ranger

F/A-18A Hornet (162901), Squadron VFC-13

F-14A Tomcat (158978)

Our last three CV-41 aircraft photos are dedicated to our helicopter fans.

In our top photo is the SH-2 Seaspite (0157), in Squadron HSL-33 markings. The middle photo is the SH-3 Sea King (149711), in squadron HS-4 markings. our final chopper pic is the UH-46 Sea Knight (150954), in Squadron HC-3 markings.

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